Vacancy: Machine Operator

Due to our expansion programme for 2020 we have an immediate vacancy for a Machine Operator in our Gluing department.

The main functions of the post are:

Responsible for setting up and running machinery and providing instruction, to other team members, in order that they can run machines and produce quality products.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for setting up and running machinery to meet the efficiencies and quality required and maintaining Production and Quality records
  • Providing instruction to other team members to enable them to run machinery and produce quality products.
  • To communicate in person and on the telephone with colleagues, customers and other visitors in a friendly and positive manner.
  • To work in accordance with Health and Safety and Hygiene regulations at all times.
  • To undertake staff training and development to enhance the role and your personal development.
  • To undertake any other such duties, within the competency of the post.
  • To work in a flexible manner.
  • To work effectively as part of a team.
  • To maintain a general level of tidiness in work areas, and ensure punctual time keeping in accordance with contracted hours.

We are looking for the right candidate to meet our Company Values, have the necessary experience, enthusiasm, able to demonstrate passion in the role and with an excellent work ethic.

The candidate will be required to work to our shift system and overtime requirements to meet customer needs.

The candidate can expect a clean and friendly working environment with an attractive pay package which includes Life Cover, Pension, Holiday Pay Bonus and work wear.

If you feel that you have the skills and attributes to meet our requirements, please email our Operations Director – Liam Cox:

Welcome Aboard


Patrycja transferred to team fc six months ago from a print company in Holland where she worked as a machine assistant. She enjoys reading books and isn’t a fan of sport.


Seb joined team fc five months ago with some existing experience of carton finishing, a role which he held previously with another company. His hobbies include IT, music, playing games and skate boarding. He supports FC Barcelona although he prefers to play basketball.


Matt joined us four months ago from JCB in Uttoxeter where he was making plant machinery. He has fitted in well at team fc and finds his new role very different to his previous job. In his spare time Matt likes tinkering with cars and spending time with his son.


Ewa joined team fc five months ago from a similar role and feels she has settled in well. When not at work she enjoys photography, painting and rollerskating and is a fan of the mighty FC Barcelona.


Castle Donington Community College – Careers Week

Sally Berrill Head of Year 10 contacted us and asked if we would be able to support Year 10 careers week. We have had a long relationship with the College through the Design & Art department and we were happy to host some sessions to support a Packaging project the students were studying, the young pupils visited our premises and saw Easter egg packaging being produced, that then lead on to us running a Packaging Award – the criteria was to redesign the packaging for a product using cardboard rather than its existing plastic packaging, we had some fantastic results.

So it was an easy “yes” to support the careers week.

We took three students to go into production for five days and experience packaging being produced to its finished stage, ready for the product to be inserted, then shipped off to the retailers. We also offered one student the opportunity to experience our administration processes through the business from Sales to Quality Control and Systems Procedures.

On day one we had three very shy and nervous young men, but during the week their personalities came through and we were pleased to be able to offer them a taste of the working world, we received some very good feedback from them and even had a request for a permanent job when they finished their schooling, so it created a really positive experience all-round.

We hope that we have been able to highlight a working week to them by taking a small window and letting them see what going to work really feels like and understand the expectations of an employer.

During the week they chatted to our team, asked a lot of questions about our business and I hope the whole experience was thought provoking for them and you never know we may see them again in the fc colours.


BRC ‘AA’ grade retained and 100% compliant

FC Cartons once again celebrates its British Retail Consortium (BRC) – Packaging & Packaging Materials ‘AA’ grade certification.

We are pleased to announce that we have continued our British Retail Consortium (BRC) – Packaging & Packaging Materials standard at the prestigious ‘AA’ grade level. Director of fc cartons Debra Woodyatt commented:

“We have said many times before that we are always looking for continual improvement across all aspects of our business – from process requirements, to warehousing space and now we’ve achieved another BRC Audit with ‘AA’ and 100% compliance.

We’re so pleased with the outcome of our Audit, obviously with an ‘AA’ grade last year with 100% compliance the pressure was on to retain it. I was thrilled with our 100%, it just reinforces the team’s positive work ethic that we all have and every one of our staff understands the importance of external accreditation to our business. It’s an exciting time at fc and with this Audit, under our belt, and our new production facility fully operational, we can now concentrate on making further improvements in all areas of our business which will further enhance the quality of service we can deliver to our customers”.

Managing Director of fc cartons David Woodyatt added:

“With just three months to the Audit, we moved all production to our new facility, right up until the last day of the Audit we were concerned that we may have missed something in our interpretation of the standard when we had applied it to the new production area. So you can imagine how pleased we all were when it was announced that we had achieved 100% on top of a huge move and refit, a massive thank you to everyone with a special mention for our BRC compliance team”

Just one part of this continual improvement is the Quality Management System which provides guidance and a framework for moving forward under the BRC banner. fc cartons first applied for and attained the BRC – Packaging & Packaging Materials standard over six years ago. Over this period of time, fc cartons has improved their grading to achieve the ‘AA’ grade through great teamwork, clear communication and a desire to offer the very best in customer service.

Debra Woodyatt continued:

“Following the auditors comments, which included references such as ‘Nice friendly people’ and ‘a good facility’ we would like to take this opportunity to thank the fc cartons team and our customers for supporting us through yet another successful year.”

To find out more about fc cartons’ BRC related work or any pick and place, gluing, folding window patching and die-cutting projects, visit:

fc cartons all under one roof again!

‘The Hub’ is our new production facility three times the size of the old plant and eleven times larger than the original premises, Team fc will once again be under one roof, this investment will maximise the current efficiencies achievable whilst future proofing the business. Logistically it will offer vast improvements in the movement of goods around the plant, with plenty of room for expansion.

Before acquiring our new premises, we were constantly juggling production workflow to alleviate capacity issues - occasionally having to turn work away because of the lack of capacity to meet the growing demands of customers. Our new premises at Langham Park Industrial Estate in Castle Donington was a big investment, but the right business decision. Since having the additional space, capacity issues have disappeared and the storage capacity allows further added value by providing a stock holding service as and when required.

(For further details email:


Job creation and succession planning are critical to the company’s growth and the extra space allows for the potential to create up to 20 new jobs over the next five years. Through grant funding and personal investment we have shown a commitment and demonstrated we provide the best service possible, we create jobs and continue to build a business that is robust and can deliver an ever-evolving capability offer to our clients.

The level of investment made in both plant and additional factory space is a testament to the faith in our team to grow the business and provide a level of customer service second to none. This commitment to innovation and future growth comes at a price, however, we’re confident that the investment will pay dividends for customers both in terms of improved lead times and the highest level of carton finishing.

Staying focused and continually reviewing customers’ needs is extremely important in a constantly evolving marketplace where innovation is central to growth. The management team at fc cartons has always invested in the next generation to ensure the business has a secure and successful future.


New production facilities

fc’s extensive new facilities will allow planned future expansion with the confidence that space for new manufacturing processes will not be a problem. All of our new and existing State-Of-The-Art equipment has been installed, ‘The Hub’ offers the team a fantastic new working environment. The Company strives for continual improvement across all aspects of the business. The Innovation Centre offers a level of specialist finishing solutions which is unrivalled in the market place. Quite simply we have become the ‘Go-To’ problem solver where customers and potential customers approach fc to establish the technological possibility of achieving a specific finishing solution. We continue to develop and extend the process capability we offer, we can now expand the services with the addition of new processes whilst still providing versatility, capacity and efficiency extensions to current processes.

fc offer all the above within a BRC environment where an ‘AA’ and 100% compliant status has been achieved


Article in Packaging News

Q: Amidst the single-use plastic debate, do you feel the paper and corrugated packaging sectors have capitalized? Has it brought in new business to you?

David was asked this question by Packaging News and this is what he said

“I believe the corrugated sector has started to capitalize but the sector has huge opportunities in terms of the potential, for instance Soft Fruits stays fresh for up to three more days in corrugated trays. Scientific research has indicated that corrugated trays keep fruit fresher and safer than reusable plastic crates (RPCs) and can significantly reduce contamination from pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms.

Corrugated offers a more biodegradable option and will, therefore, make a massive impact from an environmental perspective.

Yes, it has created a number of new opportunities, we are currently working on many projects to provide an alternative to plastic.”

View the full article here

packaging news

Vacancy: Machine Assistant

The main functions of the post are:

Taking off product from the production run, checking for quality standards against signed off samples and packing product to customer’s specification
Feeding product into the process machinery as determined by the Machine Operator

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To ensure all the specification for product and packing are in place before the process commences
  • To ensure all relevant paperwork is completed to the required standards during and on completion of a production run and/or at the end of the shift. To ensure that all documentation and records are recorded in or on the Job Bag
  • To assist the Machine Operator during the ‘set up’ process and running of all jobs
  • Being vigilant of customer’s product for any Quality, Hygiene or Contaminations issues and reporting any issues to Management Tier and completing the relevant documentation
  • To assist with machine cleaning and maintenance as directed by the Machine Operator
  • Report to the Management Tier any concerns you may have relating to Staff, Health & Safety, Machinery, Quality and Hygiene as a matter of urgency to ensure controls are in place at all times
  • To communicate in person and on the telephone with colleagues, customers and other visitors in a friendly and positive manner
  • Complete all relevant documentation as set out in Company procedures
  • To work in accordance with Health & Safety and Hygiene regulations, and to report all accidents/incidents to the Management Tier
  • To undertake training and personal development that may be required to assist you in your current role or may be a requirement of the Company
  • To undertake any other such duties within the competency of the post which may from time to time be determined by the Company
  • To work effectively as part of a Team to deliver and demonstrate the Company’s Values and Guiding Principles
  • To work in accordance with the Quality, Hygiene and Health & Safety standards of the company, this will include the ‘clean as you go’ policy


  • Industry experience
  • Engineering experience
  • Good Organisational skills
  • Experience of recognised standards ie ISO & BRC
  • Manual Handling awareness
  • Health & Hygiene awareness
  • HACCP awareness (QP09 SOP)
  • Health & Safety
  • Induction Hygiene
  • All process
  • All Misc
  • All Take off
  • All Cleaning
  • Glass, Brittle, Ceramic Reg

Support Training Requirements – in house training

  • HACCP – External Certification
  • HACCP Awareness/Competence Iss.1
  • Hazard and Risk Awareness
  • NVQ Certified – Warehouse Management
  • QP19 Contamination
  • Manual Handling
  • Induction – Health and Hygiene Awareness FCCQF12
  • Health & Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Site Pest Control QP14

We are looking for the right candidate to meet our Company Values, have the necessary experience, enthusiasm, able to demonstrate passion in the role and with an excellent work ethic.

The candidate will be required to work to our shift system and overtime requirements to meet customer needs.

The candidate can expect a clean and friendly working environment with an attractive pay package which includes Life Cover, Pension, Holiday Pay Bonus and work wear.

If you feel that you have the skills and attributes to meet our requirements, please email our Operations Director – Liam Cox:

Rotary Window Patching and Carton Lining Machine

Yet another investment as Team fc strengthens its window patching capability.

Our new Heiber + Schroder, Rotary Window Patching and Carton Lining Machine, the 1100 Master, provides the most complete and efficient window patching capability in the marketplace.


The Master feeder is the ultimate answer to a great variety of carton blank profiles for the packaging industry. Make-ready is enhanced by an intelligent operating panel, with integrated video support. It allows different run modes to achieve optimum speed with minimum marking.

Automatic friction control also allows Integrated Compensation for the changing friction which ensures a smooth feeder operation.

Patented mono-belt vacuum transport behind squaring chains for the highest and unrivalled accuracy in patching, with missing window detection with a marking device.

Maintenance-free and in-built vacuum system, with no vacuum channels, no vacuum tubes and no filters required for blank transfer.

Doctor blade glue system with movable side scrapers, fully splash guarded with cleaning system.

The digital input of blank length, blank width, window length and window position offers a fully guided set-up of the machine. All components in running direction are set automatically.

An Integrated diagnostic program allows control of all drives, motors and sensors.

All data can be stored under product name to maximise efficiencies in set up with 1, 2, 3, 4 up, operation available.

All parts which may be in contact with film or carton inside meet or improve upon the regulations for the production of food packaging.

David Woodyatt commented:

“We always invest in the best equipment available to further improve our capabilities, especially in areas where our market research tells us our customers would like further support. We also pride ourselves on the quality and capability of Team fc; buying a Formula 1 racing car does not on its own guarantee fast lap times. Only the combination of a great vehicle, teamwork and superb drivers can deliver that”