Vacancy: Quality & System Manager

The main functions of the post are:

To control and manage the processes and systems throughout the business, in order that the company meet the requirements of the Quality, Hygiene, Environmental and Health & Safety Standards.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage and further improve the quality management strategy and plans, including resource, systems, timescales, to support and contribute to the standard and systems throughout the business.
  • Manage good standards throughout the business.
  • Develop and maintain systems to establish standards relating to existing and new activities, products and processes.
  • Audit the systems and processes in line with the recognised standards, ensuring compliance throughout the business.
  • Manage and develop the systems to measure performance against agreed standards and trends.
  • Monitor performance according to agreed standards and take necessary action to communicate/advise/assist according to performance levels.
  • Implement necessary communication strategy for the improvement and awareness of quality, Hygiene and Health & Safety issues across all departments.
  • Report as necessary on changes in standards internally to all staff.
  • Liaise and co-operate with quality management and standards bodies ie: BRC & ISO.
  • Manage departmental performance within the company’s policies and standards.
  • Liaise with colleagues, customers and suppliers where necessary, in a polite, friendly and positive manner.
  • Work off site with customers and suppliers when necessary.
  • Contribute to the company’s policy and strategy reviews.


  • Superb organizational skills
  • Confident and assured 
  • Good communication skills
  • Use resources effectively to maintain standards
  • Recognise priorities and plan accordingly
  • Recognized qualifications in Auditing
  • IT – Microsoft, Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • In-depth experience in ISO 9/14/45 and BRC Packaging & Packaging Material
  • Internal Audit qualification

If you feel you have what we are looking for please apply in writing along with your CV to

Closing date: 18th September 2020


Team Fc are doing everything within our control to maintain our usual levels of service throughout the duration of this crisis.

As a responsible employer and a BRC certified company we have carried out all the necessary risk assessments throughout our business to mitigate the risk of any product contamination, risk to our staff, visitors, suppliers and the public.

I’m pleased to report that all our staff are reporting for work and are in good health, so it is business as usual from our perspective. Over the last few years we have invested in our staff training so that we have transferable skills, as you may well be aware we pride ourselves on being very flexible on the back of our supportive Team, so please give us a call if we can help you with any production issues that you may have in keeping the supply chain going.

I am very proud to say that all of our staff are making every effort to ensure that we can continue to offer the service levels that we have built our business on and I hope that if necessary that will give you confidence in these challenging unprecedented times that we are here to help if and when required.

I hope that you, all your staff and families remain safe and well.

Please do not hesitate to speak to myself or one of the team if you require any help or assistance.

Kindest regards and best wishes

For all your gluing solutions – it pays to stick with team fc

At fc cartons we have a comprehensive range of gluing machinery which has an extensive range of capabilities to ensure we satisfy our customers’ needs.

We have built a reputation based on an ability to solve problems by advancing our understanding of the nature and behaviour of all materials and profiles by adapting and improving machinery, thereby extending the capability well beyond what manufacturers thought technologically possible.

Within our Innovation Centre our product engineers deliver a level of inventive design we believe is unrivalled in the market place today.

FC is one of the very few packaging solutions businesses in Europe to invest in state-of-the-art gluing machinery which is complimented with the level of gluing applications available, we have the capability of running up to 32 glue heads in a single process with hot melt and peelable applications to improve the process of design and packaging prototyping utilising our vast expertise and knowledge.

Complex and complicated cartons require a different approach to ensure the finished product is glued in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Several glue points can be applied simultaneously in a single step, which is then followed by adhesive bonding. Finally the product will be supplied to the customer flat and pre-glued, meaning that filling and erecting can be completed in one efficient and cost effective process.

Our folding and gluing machines feature up to 32 cold glue applicators as well as hot melt glue systems. Combined with the technical expertise of our machine operators, you can be assured that we are able to handle all of your high quality packaging requirements. If you are unsure about how you’re going to glue a carton, or even if it can be glued, then why not use our Innovation Team and Technical Development Facility. We can satisfy any apprehensions of your production team by running trials within our brand new 36,000 sq.ft. Production Hub.

Managing Director David Woodyatt commented

“Our ultimate challenge is to find ways our finishing can produce solutions which we are told are not possible within the equipment’s capability.”

We are very proud of this testimonial as it perfectly sums up our objectives: “We were told the design specification we had produced could not be finished by an automated process – fc not only provided a solution but could finish at a speed which allowed us to complete the production run on time – on budget.”

We adhere to the highest standards all within our ‘BRC AA grade’ environment ensuring we achieve the most efficient and highest quality of finishing, together with exacting standards of hygiene and environmental care so if you would like to stick with Team fc:

Breast cancer now – pink day at fc cartons

- 19th October 2019

As last year’s pink day had been such a great success, we thought it would be a good idea to do it again!

All of the staff wore pink uniform, some added pink socks, sadly the Pink wig failed to put in an appearance this year but we have it on good authority it will be back next year.

This year, over 55,000 women in the UK will hear the words ‘it’s breast cancer’ and around 11,500 women will die from it. Research holds the key to a future where all that changes. A future where women don’t have to live in fear of breast cancer. A future where women get to watch their children grow up and create a lifetime of memories with the people they love.

A future where, by 2050, every woman who develops breast cancer lives.


David carried on the theme with the Derby Trailblazers, the Div 1 team warmed up for both their double header games playing Loughborough Riders in the NBL division 1 on Saturday, before producing an emphatic home win over Sheffield Hallam University on the Sunday. The supporters all embraced the theme and they held a Pink day raffle.

Pink Day v Sheffield Hallam University

Pink Day v Sheffield Hallam University

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed, a total of £500.00 was raised from the two events for the charity.

Jose takes Athletica to another level!

Liam ‘Jose’ Cox, Operations Director, has now been managing Athletica – the local football club we sponsor for five seasons and as you can see, he doesn’t look a day older from when he took charge.

Athletica are aiming high, lying second in the league and into the quarter final of the Derbyshire Cup, Liam commented

“Pre-season training went really well and our evening training sessions are really paying off helping both fitness and team spirit.”

Having been the sponsor of Athletica for thirteen years now, we’re privileged to have seen the development of some very talented young players who are blessed with youthful energy and fitness. With a couple of older heads to add that vital experience he manages with the same core values he uses within Team fc… ability, commitment, success, trust and ownership. Supporting the Athletica football team is just one of a number of ways we play our part in the local community; it also generates many social benefits.

Athletica celebrating whilst opening the scoring in their latest league match and inset ‘Jose’ who is planning in the hope Athletica can emulate prior successes and collect further silverware this season!



We wish Athletica continued success for the rest of the 2019-20 season.

fc cartons joins National Forest’s ambitious campaign to reach 9 million trees

fc cartons have supported the planting of 200 trees to help the National Forest Company reach a big number – their 9 millionth tree planted in the Forest so far.

The ambitious campaign, marks a significant milestone in the creation of the National Forest – the planting of the 9 millionth tree is expected to take place during this tree planting season.

Debra Woodyatt from fc cartons said,

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to be involved and to have made a contribution to this significant achievement, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the tree planting events I have attended and it is hard to believe we have now been responsible for the planting of 642 trees it is really rewarding to think of the contribution this is making to our carbon neutral status and our local environment here in the East Midlands.”

From tree houses to The Hundred Acre Wood, trees are deep rooted in our imaginations, and every tree planted in the National Forest has a story to tell. The National Forest is inviting individuals and organisations to dedicate their own tree and contribute to a forest full of stories.

David Bourque from the National Forest said, “Through our campaign, we want to bring the forest to life with people’s individual stories. Whether this is how businesses like fc cartons have helped us change the shape of the landscape or how people have commemorated a special occasion by planting a tree that will last a lifetime (or two). Every story becomes part of the past, present and future of the National Forest.”

“Corporate partnerships are making an invaluable contribution and helping us reach our 9 millionth tree planted since we started creating the Forest in 1991. The support of businesses has a huge impact on our work and helps us to continue to drive change in our transforming landscape.”

Here at fc tree planting has made a significant contribution to our Carbon Neutral status and we will continue to support this great campaign and will of course continue with our other existing initiatives, whilst always looking for further opportunities both internally and externally to protect and extend our 12 year Carbon Neutral status and we are also aiming to become Climate Positive.

Welcome Aboard

Calum Donnelly – Core Account Assistant

After living and playing rugby in New Zealand and having played semi-professional rugby in the Welsh Premiership, Calum joined the team in October 2019. New to Sales as our Core Account Assistant he is quick to learn and keen to contribute. He had also previously worked for Team fc in production before re-joining within our sales team. Calum is a rugby fanatic with a keen interest in sport.

Joel Shelley – Apprentice Gluing Machine Operator

Whilst Joel has only been with us just a few months we are delighted with his progress, Joel commented “I feel I have settled in really well – this has been made much easier as everyone has been so welcoming.” We are sure he will be a real asset to Team fc for many years to come! Joel lives locally in Melbourne. He enjoys playing and watching football and also enjoys music and going to events, only one blemish he supports Tottenham Hotspur!

Kieran Durose – Apprentice Gluing Machine Operator

Kieran has settled really well into Team fc and first impressions have been very favourable, we feel he has the ability and right attitude to make a really positive contribution to Team fc. Kieran commented “The team at fc have been very helpful and welcoming, this has been very much appreciated and I already really feel part of the team.” Kieran is single and lives locally in Alvaston and previously worked in the Derby County ticket office, he enjoys playing Five a side football and is a big Derby County fan and had the following comment to support his football allegiance “I support Derby County the only team that matters in the East Midlands!” Possibly not the best career move!

Leah Marriott – Apprentice Commercial Administrator

Leah has joined us as our Apprentice Commercial Administrator, whilst she has only been with us a short period of time, she is learning quickly and is keen to contribute. Leah has settled really well into Team fc and said “I feel very happy with all my work colleagues, who have really helped make me feel at home, this is my first Job in Admin and I can’t wait to learn more and feel that I am making a positive contribution to the business.” Leah lives locally with her mum, two cats and one dog, she is a keen fund raiser, running in a 5 kilometre charity run she raised £150.00 for Cancer Research- well done Leah – she is also a Sheffield Wednesday fan!

Team fc make further additions with three new apprentices!

We are both excited and delighted to have recruited three new apprentices, we aim to expand the scheme further as it is both very rewarding and beneficial to give these young recruits opportunities which in the long run will help enable us to have sustainable skills throughout our business and industry.

Having discussed our needs with Loughborough College and explaining the roles we had in mind which were two Gluing Machine Operators and an Apprentice Commercial Administrator. We interviewed the potential candidates over a number of weeks here at FC, this gave our potential apprentices the opportunity to see exactly what the role entailed and having given them a tour of our new 36,000 sq. ft. production hub they could see for themselves the fantastic working environment it offers all the fc Team.

All three of the candidates Kieran, Joel and Leah came across as having the potential to fit into the fc team and understand the importance of fully embracing our values and guiding principles. They were all incredibly enthusiastic and excited about getting the opportunity to learn new skills and we were delighted to find the right candidates to fit the roles.


Liam Cox Operations Director commented:

“Kieran and Joel have commenced a Level 2 Engineering Performance Manufacturing Operations Apprenticeship, whilst only a few months in they are both doing very well! They are working to a framework within our capabilities and the skills and knowledge required for the role. Eager to listen and learn as well as get their hands dirty and muck in with the rest of the team on the shop floor, they have settled in very quickly. All training is in-house with our experienced operators and performance is measured at regular meetings with myself and the trainer as well as external reviews to monitor all aspects of learning and development. The thought of both Joel and Kieran doing well, completing the apprenticeship and becoming the next generation of skilled operators and being part of Team fc really excites me and can only benefit all concerned.”

Debra Woodyatt Director of Finance and Systems added:

“As our business expanded and our team grew we felt we had enough support in the office and a desire to develop new players to explore the opportunity of having an Apprentice on board.

Previously we have always supported our local school with projects and work experience.
Loughborough College advertised our vacancy and confirmed that they could deliver the support and training for the position – Level 2 Business Administration, which includes one day attendance at college to cover the IT element of the course with all other aspects of the modules being delivered in the work place.

We interviewed for the position and were delighted by the strength and number of candidates that applied, we offered the position to Leah and she joined the team in November.

We will support Leah through her apprenticeship with work place experiences that will hopefully give her an insight into the commercial world as well as the packaging industry.

As a business we feel that young people given the opportunity, bring a different aspect to the business. We benefited from this when we had Alice Sissons a graduate from Loughborough who joined us for her placement year, Alice made an impact on our branding projects with her design flare and an approach which was fresh & current. We hope that Leah can bring the same qualities as she undertakes her further education and settles into the team.”

Q & A with Team FC

Q: Are our Finishing Solutions a Creative Art, a Science or both?

A: Our Finishing Solutions have a degree of Creative Art and Science but we also utilise our innovation team’s skills as product engineers. It is a real art to achieve the perfect finishing solution and how we achieve the most economical solution for our Customers’.

The science is in the engineering, understanding the weight and combination of materials which can deliver the required strength and rigidity, the creative insight that gives them their distinctive look and intricate composition paired with the scientific knowledge required to make the art possible.

Knowing just how much pressure to apply to each single carton is imperative; all elements are completed with a precise accuracy to deliver the perfect finishing solution.

More and more of our customers’ want innovative solutions to their packaging problems and we offer the science to turn their ideas into commercial reality.

FC Cartons take Pick and Place to a new level.

Plastic or a new fresh cardboard, paper based biodegradable product – which do you prefer?

Our Esatec Digistar Window Patcher Pick and Place machine (WPPP) initially enhanced our finishing capabilities which of course you would expect from the most complete Digistar machine available in the market. However with the complimentary skills of our Innovation team we can now provide finishing solutions which customers could only dream of being possible.

With unlimited design possibilities, the carton can incorporate any shape as the window is placed on the inside – meaning glue points and bleeds are discretely hidden, ideal for seamless, luxury packaging. We have also been surprised at the speed and demand for change from the plastic option to cardboard, paper based biodegradable products. Our process allows us to reduce the plastic content whilst enhancing the visual appeal of the finished product.

An impressive technical ability allows the machine to cater for a large number of applications and carton styles for both Window Patching and Pick and Place. Whilst performing with utmost accuracy, the Pick and Place machine also has the ability to produce Tri-Fold cartons – an increasingly popular aesthetic device seen more often in up-market or luxury packaging. Cartons are fed into the machine, the Digistar pre-splits the carton, inserts a full window between and eventually glues it. The result is a four-panel window which effectively showcases the product – presented beautifully in 360-degree angles, unlike most other packaging designs. It is within these processes the Innovation Team’s knowledge and expertise really makes the difference to ensure the smooth and efficient running of technically challenging designs.

All of this within our ‘BRC AA grade’ environment ensuring we achieve the most efficient and highest quality of finishing, together with exacting standards of hygiene and environmental care.

Managing Director David Woodyatt commented

“our ultimate challenge is to find ways our finishing can produce solutions which we are told are not possible within the equipment’s capability”

We are very proud of this testimonial as it perfectly sums up our objectives: “We were told the design specification we had produced could not be finished by an automated process – FC not only provided a solution but could finish at a speed which allowed us to complete the production run on time – on budget.”

For more information contact: