FC Cartons receives First Aid CPR training

first_aidStaff at FC Cartons, including owners David and Debra Woodyatt, completed a first aid course aimed at teaching people life-saving CPR, run by Russ Smith from Learning First Aid.

Russ is a retired Paramedic with 32 years experience and is now the medical manager for Nottingham Forest, as well as a “FA Tutor” for the England Football Association. Russ gave a presentation on basic first aid, how to spot someone having a stroke, what to do when someone is having a heart attack and demonstrated the correct CPR method on a dummy before instructing members of staff.

MD of FC Cartons, David Woodyatt comments:

“I saw the Vinnie Jones advert where he gives chest compressions to the rhythm of ‘Stayin Alive’ and thought it was a great light-hearted ad, but about a very serious subject. I wanted to make sure that all the staff at FC Cartons are properly trained in first aid, so that they have the confidence to deal with any accidents in the work place or elsewhere, and potentially save a life.”

Liam Finch (Chunk) and Dan Hawley also completed their three day First Aid at Work Refresher course, and all staff participating in the CPR course received a certificate.

Russ said of the training day: ‘It was very warming to know that your staff took onboard a positive attitude towards the small session they undertook. You are never too young or too old to learn a few basic life skills that at anytime could save the life of another person, be that a work colleague, a total stranger or a loved one.’

Feedback from Castle Donington Community First Aid Responders

Dear Debra, 
Thank you very much for your kind & thoughtful comments. We are delighted to know that your company has trained their staff in CPR, which can make all the difference in a life-threatening situation.
As you probably know, the Community Public Access Defibrillator (cPAD) in Borough Street has been funded entirely by public donations.
So positive has been the response to our fund raising campaign that we are well on the way to a second one which will be sited elsewhere in the local community.
We are offering short presentations to raise awareness of the cPAD & instil confidence in it’s use to anyone who wishes to know more. l would be more than happy to visit your company to give a presentation and answer questions if you wish. Although anyone can use a cPAD it is always good to know a little more about it and how simple it is to use and the huge difference it can make. If l can help in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Jan Beard
Castle Donington Community First Aid Responder

Carbon Neutral Status Update

As regular readers of our newsletter may remember, we became a Carbon Neutral company last year and we’re not only continuing to reach the goals we set ourselves but we are surpassing them. From 2011 to 2012 we managed to achieve a further 25% reduction in our carbon footprint.

* All calculations are based on the Defra guidelines

Off-setting our Carbon Emissions

2013 will be the seventh year of tree planting for our company and we are continuing to offset our waste against tree planting. Our chosen woodland last year was Poppy Wood in Melbourne, Derbyshire as it is so close to us here in Castle Donington, and we have chosen the same scheme this year – supporting the planting of 17 trees. The woodland forms part of the Queen’s Jubilee Wood in the National Forest and it is actually now nearing completion with around 30,000 trees planted with the support of many people, particularly small to medium sized businesses. The site is situated on the northern boundary of the Forest and is popular with people travelling from Derby and Nottingham. It has been developed to show the different woodland types and management methods that can be seen throughout the 200 square miles of the National Forest. We are delighted to have been involved with this project.http://www.nationalforest.org

Comic Relief Red Nose Bake Off

cake1In the British Bake Off style we invited two judges to use their own expertise and eye for a good bake to choose our winners.

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood were already booked by the BBC on Red Nose Day, so we hired David (Hollywood) McKnight of Martin & Co (Derby), and Gary (Berry) Trickett of Healthy Route (Nottingham & Leicester) to carry out the judging.

Both Gary and David are well known to our business and they were very pleased to be able to sample the baking of the FC cartons team.

In true Mary and Paul style they tested the bake, the crumb, the snap of the shortbread, the tang of the sticky lemon cake….. it was all very serious.  They both judged independently of each other, but they both agreed on the winner.  They both went for tradition – the Victoria Sponge by Dan Hawley Family.

cake2The winner was presented with a Lakeland voucher in the hope that they will be encouraged to keep baking.

A lovely morning was spent drinking good tea and coffee and sampling excellent bakers.

In total we raised £170.00 for Comic Relief and everyone went home having put on at least a couple of extra pounds!

Gary Trickett, one of the judges commented afterwards:

“As a man designed for cake eating, I am admirably qualified to gauge the standard of cakes in the FC Carton Red Nose 2012 Bake-off! I was pleasantly surprised by the standard and quality of the cakes produced by the UK’s leading gluing experts!

cake3The standard was of a Master Chef level and I felt that each had been baked with the passion of some of our best known celebrity chefs!

Delia Smith – The Winner, a slightly old-fashioned Victoria sandwich, but always stylish and never out of fashion!

Gordon Ramsey – The Red Nose Chocolate cake, plenty of bad language would have been used in the making of this cake.

Jamie Oliver – Sponges in a box-thrown together in 15 minutes and it showed!

Rick Stein – The crunchy shortbread, no matter how hard you try it’s still a little fishy.

Nigella Lawson – The Lemon Drizzle cake was made with no thought of calories and someone not afraid of their figure!

All in all a great team effort by Team FC Cartons!”

A brilliant day was had by all with laughter, sampling and a donation made to Red Nose!!

Josh Buchanan

josh-buchananWe are really proud to announce that one of our former team members has recently had his passing out parade with the RAF.

Josh worked at FC during his school holidays and more recently he worked with us whilst going through the process of joining the RAF.  In January 2013 he left us to take up a place at the training camp to become a Flight Operations Assistant in the RAF.  After 9 very hard weeks, as Josh put it, he was accepted and will now take up his position at RAF Shawbury.

NVQs in Warehousing

NVQ-warehouseWe are pleased to announce that Chunk (Liam Finch) and Lee Barwell our Warehouse staff have successfully gained an NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing.  We used Kath Moulds of Linden Management (UK) who assessed them throughout their studies.