Katy & Jody’s Cup Cake Day

(With some help from their friends) Raised £175.25

We held a cupcake sale in support of the Alzheimers Society and also in memory of Our Nan (and Great Nana Lily) who passed away last year suffering from Alzheimers. My daughters Katy and Jody were very excited to do this and they became stall holders after school and sold lots of home made cakes to friends, family and neighbours. Everyone helped with the baking and we raised £175.25. The staff at fc cartons were very generous with their donation for the cakes that I brought in for break times. The wonderful cupcake boxes were also kindly donated by fc cartons and this made sure that no-one left with less than 6 cakes! A good time was had by all.


In-house competition for the Euros

We ran a competition on score predictions and top goal scorers – the group stages saw the girls doing really well in the top 4 places, it didn’t remain that way as the competition progressed, the game knowledge and expertise triumphed and the girlie approach broke down! Not dissimilar to the England team.


Chunk…Production Coordinator

Promotion within fc…

I am really pleased to announce the promotion of Liam “Chunk” Finch to Production Coordinator. Many of you have probably had conversations with Chunk whilst he was in his despatch role.

Over the last few years, not only has Chunk demonstrated and embraced the fc’s values, but he has also developed the skills required to deliver all the tasks associated with the efficient running of the day to day production facility here at fc.

As we have continued to invest in new machinery the team has grown, the need for this role became apparent and I had no hesitation in offering Chunk this thoroughly deserved promotion.

The new role allows me to plan shifts with the peace of mind that Chunk will make sure that production will run as planned and give customers the finished goods on time.

Liam says “I believe that Chunk will continue to mature and develop the role further and we take this opportunity to wish him every success in his new role”


Client Testimonials

During the last quarter here are a few of the very positive comments we have received.

“The fc cartons site is a credit to a well-organized and united group of individuals. We witnessed a culture which is driven to be the best in their field and the site standards were excellent.”

“fc cartons had a real understanding of how to deliver this project, they were prompt, organised and helpful and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

“May I take this opportunity to say thank you for your help on this urgent order and say that you have given me First Class customer service every step of the way.”

“Thanks Toni and please also thank Liam and the rest of the guys on my behalf.”

Welcome Aboard

We extend a warm welcome to two new additions who have recently joined us.

JAMES DEWIS – Machine Operator

James joined us in May he had previously worked for a carton finisher for 5 years running a variety of gluing machines. He is settling in really well and says “it is a lot more professional due to the BRC Standards that are followed rigorously. In my previous employment work was self passed with no real QC checks”. James lives in Hinckley, Leicestershire with wife Nicole who he married last year. I have 2 children, a boy of 16 and a girl of 13 plus 2 step-sons aged 17 and 14. James goes on to say…. “both children play football so this takes up a lot of time. I go to the gym and occasionally play 6-a-side football with my son. We all support Leicester City the Premiership Champions! My wife and I like to go out to a lot of gigs, being a couple of old rockers”.

HARRIET GAMBLE – Administrator

Harriet has been with us for only for a short period of time but has already settled really well into the fc team. She came from The Green Café in Greenwich, London where she was head waffle maker! Harriet has a boyfriend called Freddie (The f in fc!) in her spare time she loves going to see musicals and plays when in London with Freddie and spending time with her friends. Since going to Uni she has also taken up running and playing tennis with her best friend Lauren.

Technical Development – The Next Level

Kongsberg CAD Table

Can we glue that carton?

As timescale pressure on production continues to intensify, the speed and accuracy of our quotations is an imperative part in the delivery of the end product. Sending samples in the post can take up to 2 days to arrive and you could be talking about 3 days to get an answer.

Not anymore, using our new CAD, you can send a profile via email and we can give you an instant answer. We understand the business world we live in now, needs answers in real time, there’s no place for waiting for the post to arrive!

An example of the Timeline achievable

File arrived at 9:00am, we ran off the sample, obtained the view from our operators of how we could best glue the product. Our quotation is produced using live samples cut to size and on materials that almost replicate the finished article. By 11.00am we can provide a quotation and a sample for approval and sign off.

Case Study

A customer recently sent samples in the post to fc, they needed to establish whether we could glue the carton or not, unfortunately, the samples were lost in the post. Luckily we were able to accept the CF2 file via email and gave our customer an instant answer; thankfully it was a “yes” and we got the job! The samples never did arrive!

The CAD table arrived in February; after installation and some initial training David now operates the machine competently and skilfully. With his knowledge and expertise he can produce the samples as supplied and if appropriate can offer advice on how minor developments can improve the production process.


Up to EB Flute, Plastic, PET, PVC and Solid Board.


Files – CF2 Files preference.




Marketing Materials

We’ve recently used the table to good effect to produce our own marketing materials in-house.

Green Responsibilities

Team FC take our green responsibilities very seriously, we are very proud of our carbon neutral status.

Our Infographic shows some of the contributions we have made and some interesting facts 
on what could be achieved


Villa Relegation Bonus

As promised David stuck to his word and gave the monetary equivalent of a day’s holiday to all of the team to celebrate the relegation of Aston Villa, he pledged last year to give everyone a day’s holiday, unfortunately, they survived, but this year he got his day! With the added bonus that the team got a few quid to celebrate with! A Villa fan has slipped through the net, much to our surprise, (we do employ one), the drinks are on you, Bruce!