Rotary Window Patching and Carton Lining Machine

Yet another investment as Team fc strengthens its window patching capability.

Our new Heiber + Schroder, Rotary Window Patching and Carton Lining Machine, the 1100 Master, provides the most complete and efficient window patching capability in the marketplace.


The Master feeder is the ultimate answer to a great variety of carton blank profiles for the packaging industry. Make-ready is enhanced by an intelligent operating panel, with integrated video support. It allows different run modes to achieve optimum speed with minimum marking.

Automatic friction control also allows Integrated Compensation for the changing friction which ensures a smooth feeder operation.

Patented mono-belt vacuum transport behind squaring chains for the highest and unrivalled accuracy in patching, with missing window detection with a marking device.

Maintenance-free and in-built vacuum system, with no vacuum channels, no vacuum tubes and no filters required for blank transfer.

Doctor blade glue system with movable side scrapers, fully splash guarded with cleaning system.

The digital input of blank length, blank width, window length and window position offers a fully guided set-up of the machine. All components in running direction are set automatically.

An Integrated diagnostic program allows control of all drives, motors and sensors.

All data can be stored under product name to maximise efficiencies in set up with 1, 2, 3, 4 up, operation available.

All parts which may be in contact with film or carton inside meet or improve upon the regulations for the production of food packaging.

David Woodyatt commented:

“We always invest in the best equipment available to further improve our capabilities, especially in areas where our market research tells us our customers would like further support. We also pride ourselves on the quality and capability of Team fc; buying a Formula 1 racing car does not on its own guarantee fast lap times. Only the combination of a great vehicle, teamwork and superb drivers can deliver that”

Communication quality continues to improve…

Further developments for our CRM system

Our use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has really moved forward since our last update. The sales module is fully implemented for quoting, order acknowledgements and all day-to-day communication with our customers. We can save customer-specific information and this is particularly useful for packing specifications and technical data.

The Quality team is also recording observations and fully utilising the CRM system’s capabilities, with an eye for detail, of course!

The Dispatch Team has undergone training to use the new software and this was incredibly positive as they embraced the technology and saw lots of opportunities on how it can be of benefit to the department. Following their CRM training the Dispatch Team said:

“The new system is very easy to use and will help us significantly by sharing lots of information and having it in one place”.

Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard – Roy

Roy joined Team fc in November 2017 from Long Eaton Fencing Supplies where he was the Manager. His duties included making fence parts, putting up fencing, doing deliveries and serving customers.

Roy has settled into his new position very well and really enjoys being part of Team fc. Living in Long Eaton, Roy has been married for 25 years, has 3 children and one grandchild. He enjoys playing golf and of course supports the Mighty Rams!