Welcome Aboard


Patrycja transferred to team fc six months ago from a print company in Holland where she worked as a machine assistant. She enjoys reading books and isn’t a fan of sport.


Seb joined team fc five months ago with some existing experience of carton finishing, a role which he held previously with another company. His hobbies include IT, music, playing games and skate boarding. He supports FC Barcelona although he prefers to play basketball.


Matt joined us four months ago from JCB in Uttoxeter where he was making plant machinery. He has fitted in well at team fc and finds his new role very different to his previous job. In his spare time Matt likes tinkering with cars and spending time with his son.


Ewa joined team fc five months ago from a similar role and feels she has settled in well. When not at work she enjoys photography, painting and rollerskating and is a fan of the mighty FC Barcelona.


Castle Donington Community College – Careers Week

Sally Berrill Head of Year 10 contacted us and asked if we would be able to support Year 10 careers week. We have had a long relationship with the College through the Design & Art department and we were happy to host some sessions to support a Packaging project the students were studying, the young pupils visited our premises and saw Easter egg packaging being produced, that then lead on to us running a Packaging Award – the criteria was to redesign the packaging for a product using cardboard rather than its existing plastic packaging, we had some fantastic results.

So it was an easy “yes” to support the careers week.

We took three students to go into production for five days and experience packaging being produced to its finished stage, ready for the product to be inserted, then shipped off to the retailers. We also offered one student the opportunity to experience our administration processes through the business from Sales to Quality Control and Systems Procedures.

On day one we had three very shy and nervous young men, but during the week their personalities came through and we were pleased to be able to offer them a taste of the working world, we received some very good feedback from them and even had a request for a permanent job when they finished their schooling, so it created a really positive experience all-round.

We hope that we have been able to highlight a working week to them by taking a small window and letting them see what going to work really feels like and understand the expectations of an employer.

During the week they chatted to our team, asked a lot of questions about our business and I hope the whole experience was thought provoking for them and you never know we may see them again in the fc colours.


BRC ‘AA’ grade retained and 100% compliant

FC Cartons once again celebrates its British Retail Consortium (BRC) – Packaging & Packaging Materials ‘AA’ grade certification.

We are pleased to announce that we have continued our British Retail Consortium (BRC) – Packaging & Packaging Materials standard at the prestigious ‘AA’ grade level. Director of fc cartons Debra Woodyatt commented:

“We have said many times before that we are always looking for continual improvement across all aspects of our business – from process requirements, to warehousing space and now we’ve achieved another BRC Audit with ‘AA’ and 100% compliance.

We’re so pleased with the outcome of our Audit, obviously with an ‘AA’ grade last year with 100% compliance the pressure was on to retain it. I was thrilled with our 100%, it just reinforces the team’s positive work ethic that we all have and every one of our staff understands the importance of external accreditation to our business. It’s an exciting time at fc and with this Audit, under our belt, and our new production facility fully operational, we can now concentrate on making further improvements in all areas of our business which will further enhance the quality of service we can deliver to our customers”.

Managing Director of fc cartons David Woodyatt added:

“With just three months to the Audit, we moved all production to our new facility, right up until the last day of the Audit we were concerned that we may have missed something in our interpretation of the standard when we had applied it to the new production area. So you can imagine how pleased we all were when it was announced that we had achieved 100% on top of a huge move and refit, a massive thank you to everyone with a special mention for our BRC compliance team”

Just one part of this continual improvement is the Quality Management System which provides guidance and a framework for moving forward under the BRC banner. fc cartons first applied for and attained the BRC – Packaging & Packaging Materials standard over six years ago. Over this period of time, fc cartons has improved their grading to achieve the ‘AA’ grade through great teamwork, clear communication and a desire to offer the very best in customer service.

Debra Woodyatt continued:

“Following the auditors comments, which included references such as ‘Nice friendly people’ and ‘a good facility’ we would like to take this opportunity to thank the fc cartons team and our customers for supporting us through yet another successful year.”

To find out more about fc cartons’ BRC related work or any pick and place, gluing, folding window patching and die-cutting projects, visit: www.fccartons.co.uk