FC Cartons take Pick and Place to a new level.

Plastic or a new fresh cardboard, paper based biodegradable product – which do you prefer?

Our Esatec Digistar Window Patcher Pick and Place machine (WPPP) initially enhanced our finishing capabilities which of course you would expect from the most complete Digistar machine available in the market. However with the complimentary skills of our Innovation team we can now provide finishing solutions which customers could only dream of being possible.

With unlimited design possibilities, the carton can incorporate any shape as the window is placed on the inside – meaning glue points and bleeds are discretely hidden, ideal for seamless, luxury packaging. We have also been surprised at the speed and demand for change from the plastic option to cardboard, paper based biodegradable products. Our process allows us to reduce the plastic content whilst enhancing the visual appeal of the finished product.

An impressive technical ability allows the machine to cater for a large number of applications and carton styles for both Window Patching and Pick and Place. Whilst performing with utmost accuracy, the Pick and Place machine also has the ability to produce Tri-Fold cartons – an increasingly popular aesthetic device seen more often in up-market or luxury packaging. Cartons are fed into the machine, the Digistar pre-splits the carton, inserts a full window between and eventually glues it. The result is a four-panel window which effectively showcases the product – presented beautifully in 360-degree angles, unlike most other packaging designs. It is within these processes the Innovation Team’s knowledge and expertise really makes the difference to ensure the smooth and efficient running of technically challenging designs.

All of this within our ‘BRC AA grade’ environment ensuring we achieve the most efficient and highest quality of finishing, together with exacting standards of hygiene and environmental care.

Managing Director David Woodyatt commented

“our ultimate challenge is to find ways our finishing can produce solutions which we are told are not possible within the equipment’s capability”

We are very proud of this testimonial as it perfectly sums up our objectives: “We were told the design specification we had produced could not be finished by an automated process – FC not only provided a solution but could finish at a speed which allowed us to complete the production run on time – on budget.”

For more information contact: David@fccartons.co.uk


Tyler Brown – Catch of the day!

Tyler is not only a valuable member of Team fc but is also a very keen angler, being one of 2.9 million participants who enjoy angling on a regular basis, Tyler has been on coaching lessons with two England Internationals and has now progressed to a standard where he is winning tournaments, his latest win was at Beechwood Park Fishery with a whopping 87lb of Carp!

Well done Tyler and ‘Tight Lines’ for the next tournament!

Tyler with a 14lb Mirror Carp

Tyler with a 14lb Mirror Carp

Transport, Storage and Distribution – managing deadlines!

Gareth & Jamie are our warehouse & distribution team – they are the first and last eyes looking at what comes in and what we are despatching.

They are looking for potential QC issues and contaminates when work arrives on site. They both fully appreciate the procedures we have in place to control potential issues.

Being exposed to the outside world they have to ensure what they are bringing in to our environment is compliant with our standard and if it’s not they need to do something about it…….

When an artic arrived and they opened the curtains at 7.15am, a couple of pallets had gone over they need to know what to do – QP 15 Clause 5.8, 5.9, 5.10 it’s imprinted on their Brains!!

As they have both been part of the team for nearly 8 years now they knew exactly what to do.

Gareth & Jamie are enjoying the benefits of our new facility, all under one roof with more warehousing space to fill and machines to keep fed with our work in progress – they do a great Job for Team FC and they work well together having a good team ethic…..it also helps that they are both Derby fans!

Facts & figures

August moved 3,033 pallets (In 912 Going out 2,121)

Clocked up 120 miles in August – (imagine sitting on a FLT to Sheffield & back)


We ‘convert’ our knowledge and expertise into the perfect finish


As the Rugby World Cup reaches its climax we thought it would be great to share our latest line up with you, our selection process covers the following criterion:

Systems and Quality control: Team fc are very proud of our BRC AA 100% compliant status, however we never take our accreditation for granted. We continually review our systems and procedures to ensure they match the changes within our business as it continues to develop and evolve. We strive to continually improve the business and drive that improvement by continually reviewing our KPI’s analysing trends, gaps and inconsistencies. We set ourselves targets which are shared throughout the business to ensure everyone within the business has a clear vision of what is required to achieve the standards we require. Our Team know what the future looks like as we drive development to cover all aspects of our business: product, staff, plant, machinery and process. Our customers can be assured that their product is produced through our processes in a safe and hygienic environment and to the highest quality standards available.

The quality of our service – we will not let you down:

“FC Cartons, time and again has gone the extra mile to get cartons delivered on time in full without ever letting quality standards slip”

“FC Cartons have such a depth of knowledge and expertise that if a problem exists on a job we have delivered, they will review and see if a solution exists which would resolve the issue without a complete re-print, saving valuable time and money”

Using our knowledge, experience and expertise: Our innovation centre offers a level of specialist finishing solutions which is unrivalled in the market place. We have become the finishing solutions problem solver where customers and potential customers approach fc to establish the technological possibility of achieving a specific finishing solution.

Putting investment first, so you don’t have to: e have continually invested in the latest and best plant and equipment available, we now have the most complete and comprehensive finishing solutions facility available in the market place.

Customer Relationship Management

Our comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system enables us to record and respond to our customers’ needs with greater efficiency. This integrates fully with our existing system and enables us to capture all customer related information, quotes and documents in one place. Our processes can be transparent with our customers’ systems to give the end user a seamless process. We can adopt our customers’ requirements from data collection to quality control or we can adapt our systems to ensure that our customers’ and the end user’s needs are met.

Would you like to work in real time?

We do work in real time with some customers, where they have requested this facility – giving them live production and despatch data, which has improved their own efficiencies and their customer service.

Would you like the opportunity to work with Team fc in real time?

Contact: Sales@fccartons.co.uk

With all the selection criterion considered this is our World cup team, why not let us convert your next finishing project:
FC Cartons Rugby 2019 World Cup Team

  • BRC AA Accreditation
  • Innovation Centre
  • New Production Hub
  • Window Patching
  • Die-cutting & creasing
  • Multi-point Gluing
  • Collarettes
  • Pick & Place
  • Nested trays
  • 4 & 6 Corner
  • Experience & Expertise
  • Fresh Food Packaging
  • In Line Inkjet Printing
  • Crashlock
  • Materials

Team fc celebrates a hat-trick

BRC ‘AA’ grade retained and 100% compliant

For the third year in succession Team fc are celebrating its British Retail Consortium (BRC) – Packaging & Packaging Materials ‘AA’ grade certification.

We are pleased to announce that we have continued our British Retail Consortium (BRC) – Packaging & Packaging Materials standard at the prestigious ‘AA’ grade level. Director of fc cartons Debra Woodyatt commented:

“We have said many times before, that we are always looking for continual improvement across all aspects of our business – from process requirements, to warehousing space and now we’ve achieved another BRC Audit with ‘AA’ and 100% compliance. We’re so pleased with the outcome of our Audit; obviously with an ‘AA’ grade for the last two years with 100% compliance the pressure was on to retain it. I was thrilled with our 100%, it just reinforces the team’s positive work ethic that we all have and every one of our staff understands the importance of external accreditation to our business. It’s an exciting time at fc and with this Audit under our belt and the ‘Hub’ our new production facility fully operational, we can now concentrate on making further improvements in all areas of our business which will enhance the quality of service we can deliver to our customers”.

Managing Director of fc cartons David Woodyatt added:

“You can imagine how pleased we all were when it was announced that we had achieved 100%. A massive thank you to everyone with a special mention for our BRC compliance team”

Just one part of this continual improvement is the Quality Management System which provides guidance and a framework for moving forward under the BRC banner. fc cartons first applied for and attained the BRC – Packaging & Packaging Materials standard eight years ago. Over this period of time, fc cartons has improved their grading to achieve the ‘AA’ grade through great teamwork, clear communication and a desire to offer the very best in customer service.

Debra Woodyatt continued:

“Following the auditors closing meeting the comments were very clear and concise:

Thank you
New facility looks great
Standards are exemplary – thank you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the fc cartons team and our customers’ for supporting us through yet another successful year.” 


What the fc team think about our BRC standards

“Traceability is really important, I understand having traceability to the original source is important if we have any issues.” – Lee

“Hygiene procedures are very important, it’s the first thing I think about” – Tyler

“Keeping our standards high to give our customers’ confidence, knowing that their job will be done right first time and on time is what we need to maintain.” – Chris

“I realise it’s important to our business” – Erika

“I realise the importance of having the certificate and the highest standard for the business’s future” – Roy

Chunk was pleased to add” BRC defines everything we do, hour by hour, day by day, ensuring our processes meet our customers’ demands. BRC has made a real contribution to our expanding customer base and without the BRC ‘AA’ grade certification I doubt we would have been able to expand into our fantastic new production hub”

To find out more about fc cartons’ BRC related work or any pick and place, gluing, folding window patching and die-cutting projects, visit: www.fccartons.co.uk

Q & A with Team FC

Q: Are we all being Greenwashed?

Green washing can be defined as the misleading act of companies, industries, governments, organisations and individuals trying to promote unjustified environmentally friendly practices, products and services through branding, mislabelling, packaging or public relations.

A: Yes we are, whilst paper based products offer a more biodegradable option we still face challenges to develop packaging materials that replicate the barrier that plastic performs. It just cannot be achieved overnight. What we require is barrier packaging without the use of a PE or plastic laminate and it is therefore able to be recycled in any paper waste stream, or it can indeed degrade in compost or landfill conditions, back to natural fibres without any harm to the environment. If it ends up in our oceans, it will harmlessly break down to natural fibres. There are materials available that satisfy this requirement!