Product Capabilities

We are able to provide a complete finishing service – all your gluing and folding requirements under one roof.

Below are sub-links to our specialist services:

If you have specific requirements and you are not sure if we would be able to glue your work, please call us on 01332 850648

Our Technical Development Facility

Do you ever sit in a meeting discussing a complex and complicated carton and wonder how on earth you are going to glue it…if in fact, it can be glued?

Are you looking to grow your business by taking on work that you would have previously turned away; without having to commit to investing in plant during these uncertain economic times?

To ensure that your own production is not interrupted – why not use our Technical Development Facility. We can allay the apprehensions of your production team by running trials in our modern up to date facilities.

“Design has come up with the concept, Sales have sold the idea to the customer – Production said it couldn’t be done.”

“We have turned this type of work away before, we didn’t know you existed.”

“Without fc cartons taking on these trials, we would never have won the work.”

Never say no to a job before you have spoken to us.

Call us on 01332 850648 or email