crash-lockOur Omega SM 1110, Vega 750 and both our Omega All-Pro 1110’s are capable of gluing crash-lock base cartons.

Crash lock cartons can be set up by hand, and they are used when a great efficiency in packing or load weight is required. They are also commonly referred to as multipoint cartons. As demonstrated above, they are glued in 2 positions on the base to form the crash-lock, and in 1 position on the seam. Their corrugated codes range from 0700 to 0717.

As a result of their considerable experience and expertise in a wide variety of carton designs, our skilled workforce is able to process many difficult shaped blanks. If you are unsure which material would be best suited for your particular carton design, we are happy to advise and even supply the material upon request.

Also, if you are unsure as to whether or not your design is even possible, why not use our Technical Development Facility? We can allay your concerns by running trials in our modern up to date facility.

Click here for more information regarding our Technical Development Facility.