4 and 6 corner


At present fc cartons has three gluing machines on which we can glue a multitude of designs. Both our, Omega SM 110 and our two Omega All-Pro 110’s are capable of gluing two, four and six corner cartons.

Four corner

These are glued in four positions, both infold and outfold. Four corner cartons have a variety of applications, and are used in many sectors (pharmaceutical, confectionary, bakery, etc.) They can be used as a tray or by having a hinged lid incorporated into the design, they can be used both a lid and base. A typical corrugated code for a four corner carton would be 0307.

6 corner

Six corner cartons are glued in six positions. This type of multi-point, complex gluing is used mainly in the confectionery and bakery sectors. A typical corrugated code for a six corner carton would be 0706.