Window Patching





fc cartons have one Heiber and Schröder Window Patcher 1100 and one Kohmann 710 window patching machine. These machines can apply flexible windows from a reel, using polyester or acetate film, or susceptor material.

As a result of their considerable experience and expertise in a wide variety of carton designs, our skilled workforce is able to process many difficult shaped blanks. If you are unsure which material would be best suited for your particular carton design, we are happy to advise and even supply the material upon request.

Also, if you are unsure as to whether or not your design is even possible, why not use our Technical Development Facility? We can allay your concerns by running trials in our modern up to date facility.

For a better look at our window patching capabilities, watch the video below.

Click here for more information regarding our Technical Development Facility.