Bottle Collars/Collarettes

collarettesfc cartons currently has four gluing machines on which we can glue a multitude of designs. Our Omega SM 1110, Vega 750 and both our Omega All-Pro 1110′s are capable of gluing collarettes.

Collarettes are mainly used in the drinks sector and offer a unique way to record traceability or display various competitions and promotions. We can also print unique codes (for competitions, etc.) through our inline inkjet printing facility on collarettes. For more information on our inline inkjet facility, please click here.

When gluing bottle collars, fc cartons are able to offer a unique way to package collarettes. Our technicians can set up a machine to have cartons “coning” one another, as shown in the picture on the right. This can save a lot of time in the later processes whereby cartons need to be applied to bottles.