4 and 6 corner

At present fc cartons has three gluing machines on which we can glue a multitude of designs. Both our, Omega SM 110 and our two Omega All-Pro 110’s are capable of gluing two, four and six corner cartons.

Four corner

These are glued in four positions, both infold and outfold. Four corner cartons have a variety of applications, and are used in many sectors (pharmaceutical, confectionary, bakery, etc.) They can be used as a tray or by having a hinged lid incorporated into the design, they can be used both as a lid and base. A typical corrugated code for a four corner carton would be 0307.

6 corner

Six corner cartons are glued in six positions. This type of multi-point, complex gluing is used mainly in the confectionery and bakery sectors. A typical corrugated code for a six corner carton would be 0706.

All within our 36,000 SQ.FT. Production Hub and to the highest standards, within our ‘BRCGS AA grade’ environment ensuring we achieve the most efficient and highest quality of finishing, together with exacting standards of hygiene and environmental care.

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