Green innovation

Team fc have always taken their environmental impact extremely seriously, attaining and retaining a carbon neutral status for twelve years and have ISO 14001 and PEFC (PEFC/16-33-2256) certification.

Our innovation team continually strive to enhance our customers’ finishing solutions whilst supporting and developing the use of fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper based products – for Green Innovation: email david@fccartons.co.uk

ISO 14001 certification

Achieving ISO 14001 certification has helped to maximise cost savings through improving efficiency, productivity and reducing waste. We control reputational risk by demonstrating our commitment to protecting the environment and having the appropriate control measures in place.

Mike Pepperell, Senior Lead Auditor for Alcumus ISOQAR commented: “The management and employees of FC cartons clearly put a lot of effort into preparing for the audit. Initially, the audit was arranged as an on-site audit but due to COVID-19 this was re-arranged as a remote audit. The auditors were given every assistance by FC Cartons in making the records available and accessible, a superb effort by the whole team and very well done. It is clear that Quality, Health & Safety and the Environment are of the highest priority to FC Cartons”.


Serious about the environment, the Industry can be criticised from the media and consumers about the amount of packaging used which can end up as waste.  Obviously as an industry we would prefer to defend the packaging as a source of protection and can help to extend the shelf life of some items which can reduce waste!

But as a company we try to defend our position by being responsible in managing the waste we produce. We do this by reduction, recycling and off-setting.

We were delighted to receive the following quote from our Auditor:

“It was a pleasure to spend some time with the FC Cartons team and gain an understanding of their very interesting business, the company provide support to packaging, printing and carton companies within the UK. The company is BRCGS accredited with AA compliant status, it has an established Integrated Quality System and is very process driven. The systems allowed for a very precise and compliant audit and we have pleasure in welcoming FC Cartons Limited to the PEFC (PEFC/16-33-2256) UK family.”

Tree Planting

Carbon offsetting funds solutions to reduce carbon emissions now! Frequently carbon offsetting reduces emissions much faster than individuals or single company initiatives. Carbon offsetting projects help to combat global climate change as well as caring for local communities. In many instances providing much needed employment, health improvement, biodiversity, reforestation and broad social benefits to impoverished communities.

“Here at fc tree planting has made a significant contribution to our Carbon Neutral status and we will continue to support these great campaigns and will of course continue with our other existing initiatives, whilst always looking for further opportunities both internally and externally to protect and extend our 16 year Carbon Neutral status; we are challenging the business to become Climate Positive”.

Debra Woodyatt – Director of Finance & Systems

Since 2007 we have been offsetting our waste against tree planting in local woodland, we have worked with the National Forest and Tree Appeal.

Carbon Neutral

We are proud to have been carbon neutral since 2008.

Green footprints challenge – Business Award – Winner

The team enjoying the awards evening and celebrating our green work on a local level.