Material Advice

How can you make a material contribution to help improve our environment?

A: We can all contribute by using more environmentally friendly products, we have been surprised at the speed and demand for change from the plastic option to cardboard, paper based fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable products. There are paperboards specifically designed to package food & drink with heat-seal and oil/grease resistance capabilities to protect the freshness and quality of a huge range of food products. It provides a viable sustainable packaging option without compromising on the quality and freshness of the packaged product and is completely food safe.

RPET film is food safe, temperature resistant and available with an anti-mist coating. It boasts many of the same properties as Polyester (PET) and can be used across a number of industrial applications and products. Made from a minimum of 30% recycled consumer waste content, RPET is environmentally-friendly and widely considered to be the future of sustainable packaging.

If you would like to discuss how you can make a material contribution contact

Does your knowledge on Films and Susceptors need patching up?

When it comes to the most suitable and economical for Films or Suceptors, it’s a hard choice with so many options out there, but what’s best for your product?

With two window patcher’s and our 1100 Master providing the most complete and efficient window patching capability in the market place and our Digistar WPPP (Window patch and Pick & Place) we can certianly fulfill your patching needs, but with such a large range of products out there, it can be daunting. Here’s a little run down of just some of the things we can offer: