Do you want your Bottle Collars/Collarettes coning?

fc cartons currently has four gluing machines on which we can glue a multitude of designs. Our Omega SM 110Vega 750 and both our Omega All-Pro 110′s are capable of gluing collarettes.

Collarettes are mainly used in the drinks sector and offer a unique way to record traceability or display various competitions and promotions. We can also print unique codes (for competitions, etc.) through our inline inkjet printing facility on collarettes. For more information on our inline inkjet facility, please click here.

When gluing bottle collars, fc cartons are able to offer a unique way to package collarettes. Our technicians can set up a machine to have cartons “coning” one another, as shown in the picture on the right. This can save a lot of time in the later processes whereby cartons need to be applied to bottles.

All within our 36,000 SQ.FT. Production Hub and to the highest standards, within our ‘BRCGS AA grade’ environment ensuring we achieve the most efficient and highest quality of finishing, together with exacting standards of hygiene and environmental care.

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Making the case for Team fc

Stand out from the crowd and ‘collar’ an increase in sales

Team fc were asked to produce a sample bottle collar that would clearly communicate, promotional activity on Zeo All Natural Soft Drinks new and bigger format 750ml bottle.

They specifically asked us to utilise the space between the logo and the flavour ensuring that the flavour information was clearly visible.

The collar needed to be easy to apply during production and less likely to become damaged on and off the shelf.

Here is how we developed a bottle collar for Zeo All Natural Soft Drinks

Stage 1 of the FC Team solution:

Our team suggested coned collars as this format is easier to add to the bottle during the production process. This process will minimise the cost yet maximise the speed of application.

The effectiveness and visual impact the collar will have in displaying the key message of Low-Sugar content will also be improved.

First Design Produced based on Zeo brief:
The first batch of sample bottle collars were produced to demonstrate the proposal and we agreed the design in principle and the quantities that would be needed. Other options for future promotions were discussed, however, it was decided that ‘low sugar’ would be the key message for this campaign.

Stage 2 of the FC Team solution:

Design Enhancement:
After consultation with the Zeo team, they felt that they wanted to display more of their unique bottle shape and so a new and improved design was produced to accommodate this.

The bottle collar depth was halved and a new sample was produced to show how the finished product would look. The revised version showed more of the bottle and it was more in harmony with the bottle shape and existing brand personality.

A refined PDF proof of the artwork and production samples were signed off by Zeo. The Bottle collar was produced and sent direct to the production facility on deadline.

Finished samples and a quantity of bottle collars were sent direct to Zeo for national trade press and marketing purposes.

This is what our client had to say:

“FC Cartons had a real understanding on how to deliver this project, they were prompt, organised and helpful and I would look forward to working with them again in the future. We have seen a tremendous uplift in sales since we have executed these neck collars”

Why not tell your story with a bottle collar promotion and increase sales and brand awareness? A creative bottle collar can dress your product in a way that will make it outstanding and interesting. They can talk about your brand, stimulate engagement with your customers or talk about a product specific message.

Unique designs and variable coding can add flexibility to your marketing, offering a way to record traceability through inline inkjet printing, which is also perfect for competitions. The facility to ‘cone’ the bottle collars can save considerable time in production when applied to the bottles. Whatever you decide, they are guaranteed to catch the eye! We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can make your products stand out from the crowd, Call us on 01332 850648 or email to discuss how we can help your bottle feel really well dressed