Q & A

What kinds of carton finishing can Team FC handle?

Team FC use their expertise to handle an extensive range of carton finishing which includes die-cutting and creasing, window patching, pick and place, folding, gluing tray forming and nesting finishing solutions.

Can Team FC ensure the quality of finishing and the hygiene standards required to ensure the safe and hygienic finishing of your cartons?

Team FC have operated in and retained BRCGS AA grade certification for six consecutive years, our philosophy and product safety culture demands continuous improvement, which ensures the quality of carton finishing and the hygiene standards we provide for all of our customers’.

How can Team FC maximise production efficiency?

We provide all our services ‘under one roof’ within our 36,000 SQ.FT. Production Hub, which has been designed to maximise production efficiency.

How do we help and provide a seamless partnership which adds value and support to our customers’?

Team FC use innovation, knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver specialist carton finishing solutions to ensure the quality and accuracy of their customers carton requirements.

Can Team FC help provide more environmentally friendly – plastic replacement products?

Team FC actively support and have developed plastic replacement options utilising cardboard, paper based biodegradable products. Team FC have attained and retained a carbon neutral status for 15 years and understand that we must all work towards a position where we only use paper based materials, which can be recycled in any paper waste stream, or can degrade in compost or landfill conditions, back to natural fibres without any harm to the environment or If it ends up in our oceans, it will harmlessly break down to natural fibres. There are materials available that satisfy this requirement!