2016 Investment

Our first Investment project for 2016 is now up and running, providing further capacity and production flexibility for all of our clients.

The Ero Multihead Gluing System…

The new Ero Multihead Gluing System will increase our capacity and flexibility across all three of our gluing systems. We now have three discreet ‘stand alone’ systems that are all completely interchangeable, giving us incredible flexibility and versatility.

Why choose Ero?

The new system gives us an eight channel system, with three new guns and photo cells, but most importantly allows us total flexibility in capacity. We have 24 cold glue guns available over the three machines and all are interchangeable: 2 x 8 channel and 1 x 16 channel system.

The control panels are consistent across all 3 systems, so we have a standard operating procedure for ease of use and integration for variable job specifications.

We would like to say a big thank you to Bob Malinowski @ Glue QA, for an excellent installation and the training he provided. The installation and commissioning of the new system was up and running within one day, a very long day! We look forward to a great partnership going forward with QA.
We have set up a service agreement for all our glue systems, both hot and cold applications. Six glue systems and 40 guns in total will be serviced at regular intervals with the idea of all maintenance being certificated and preventative within 18 months.

Along with the gluing operators we have discussed and implemented a range of spares that fc and QA will carry. This will keep any downtime to the absolute minimum.

The operators will oversee and document any spares used (or required) in the glue systems Preventative Maintenance File.

Operations Director Liam Cox commented

“I am really looking forward to seeing the long term benefits of this investment, we have already had two complete services on the two hot melt systems and the application and productivity is there for all to see. All the team are very impressed and of course there is little need for further training as all operators and assistants are up to speed with the technology.”