Technical Development – The Next Level

Kongsberg CAD Table

Can we glue that carton?

As timescale pressure on production continues to intensify, the speed and accuracy of our quotations is an imperative part in the delivery of the end product. Sending samples in the post can take up to 2 days to arrive and you could be talking about 3 days to get an answer.

Not anymore, using our new CAD, you can send a profile via email and we can give you an instant answer. We understand the business world we live in now, needs answers in real time, there’s no place for waiting for the post to arrive!

An example of the Timeline achievable

File arrived at 9:00am, we ran off the sample, obtained the view from our operators of how we could best glue the product. Our quotation is produced using live samples cut to size and on materials that almost replicate the finished article. By 11.00am we can provide a quotation and a sample for approval and sign off.

Case Study

A customer recently sent samples in the post to fc, they needed to establish whether we could glue the carton or not, unfortunately, the samples were lost in the post. Luckily we were able to accept the CF2 file via email and gave our customer an instant answer; thankfully it was a “yes” and we got the job! The samples never did arrive!

The CAD table arrived in February; after installation and some initial training David now operates the machine competently and skilfully. With his knowledge and expertise he can produce the samples as supplied and if appropriate can offer advice on how minor developments can improve the production process.


Up to EB Flute, Plastic, PET, PVC and Solid Board.


Files – CF2 Files preference.

Marketing Materials

We’ve recently used the table to good effect to produce our own marketing materials in-house.