Castle Donington Community College – Careers Week

Sally Berrill Head of Year 10 contacted us and asked if we would be able to support Year 10 careers week. We have had a long relationship with the College through the Design & Art department and we were happy to host some sessions to support a Packaging project the students were studying, the young pupils visited our premises and saw Easter egg packaging being produced, that then lead on to us running a Packaging Award – the criteria was to redesign the packaging for a product using cardboard rather than its existing plastic packaging, we had some fantastic results.

So it was an easy “yes” to support the careers week.

We took three students to go into production for five days and experience packaging being produced to its finished stage, ready for the product to be inserted, then shipped off to the retailers. We also offered one student the opportunity to experience our administration processes through the business from Sales to Quality Control and Systems Procedures.

On day one we had three very shy and nervous young men, but during the week their personalities came through and we were pleased to be able to offer them a taste of the working world, we received some very good feedback from them and even had a request for a permanent job when they finished their schooling, so it created a really positive experience all-round.

We hope that we have been able to highlight a working week to them by taking a small window and letting them see what going to work really feels like and understand the expectations of an employer.

During the week they chatted to our team, asked a lot of questions about our business and I hope the whole experience was thought provoking for them and you never know we may see them again in the fc colours.