FC Cartons take Pick and Place to a new level.

Plastic or a new fresh cardboard, paper based biodegradable product – which do you prefer?

Our Esatec Digistar Window Patcher Pick and Place machine (WPPP) initially enhanced our finishing capabilities which of course you would expect from the most complete Digistar machine available in the market. However with the complimentary skills of our Innovation team we can now provide finishing solutions which customers could only dream of being possible.

With unlimited design possibilities, the carton can incorporate any shape as the window is placed on the inside – meaning glue points and bleeds are discretely hidden, ideal for seamless, luxury packaging. We have also been surprised at the speed and demand for change from the plastic option to cardboard, paper based biodegradable products. Our process allows us to reduce the plastic content whilst enhancing the visual appeal of the finished product.

An impressive technical ability allows the machine to cater for a large number of applications and carton styles for both Window Patching and Pick and Place. Whilst performing with utmost accuracy, the Pick and Place machine also has the ability to produce Tri-Fold cartons – an increasingly popular aesthetic device seen more often in up-market or luxury packaging. Cartons are fed into the machine, the Digistar pre-splits the carton, inserts a full window between and eventually glues it. The result is a four-panel window which effectively showcases the product – presented beautifully in 360-degree angles, unlike most other packaging designs. It is within these processes the Innovation Team’s knowledge and expertise really makes the difference to ensure the smooth and efficient running of technically challenging designs.

All of this within our ‘BRC AA grade’ environment ensuring we achieve the most efficient and highest quality of finishing, together with exacting standards of hygiene and environmental care.

Managing Director David Woodyatt commented

“our ultimate challenge is to find ways our finishing can produce solutions which we are told are not possible within the equipment’s capability”

We are very proud of this testimonial as it perfectly sums up our objectives: “We were told the design specification we had produced could not be finished by an automated process – FC not only provided a solution but could finish at a speed which allowed us to complete the production run on time – on budget.”

For more information contact: David@fccartons.co.uk