For all your gluing solutions – it pays to stick with team fc

At fc cartons we have a comprehensive range of gluing machinery which has an extensive range of capabilities to ensure we satisfy our customers’ needs.

We have built a reputation based on an ability to solve problems by advancing our understanding of the nature and behaviour of all materials and profiles by adapting and improving machinery, thereby extending the capability well beyond what manufacturers thought technologically possible.

Within our Innovation Centre our product engineers deliver a level of inventive design we believe is unrivalled in the market place today.

FC is one of the very few packaging solutions businesses in Europe to invest in state-of-the-art gluing machinery which is complimented with the level of gluing applications available, we have the capability of running up to 32 glue heads in a single process with hot melt and peelable applications to improve the process of design and packaging prototyping utilising our vast expertise and knowledge.

Complex and complicated cartons require a different approach to ensure the finished product is glued in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Several glue points can be applied simultaneously in a single step, which is then followed by adhesive bonding. Finally the product will be supplied to the customer flat and pre-glued, meaning that filling and erecting can be completed in one efficient and cost effective process.

Our folding and gluing machines feature up to 32 cold glue applicators as well as hot melt glue systems. Combined with the technical expertise of our machine operators, you can be assured that we are able to handle all of your high quality packaging requirements. If you are unsure about how you’re going to glue a carton, or even if it can be glued, then why not use our Innovation Team and Technical Development Facility. We can satisfy any apprehensions of your production team by running trials within our brand new 36,000 sq.ft. Production Hub.

Managing Director David Woodyatt commented

“Our ultimate challenge is to find ways our finishing can produce solutions which we are told are not possible within the equipment’s capability.”

We are very proud of this testimonial as it perfectly sums up our objectives: “We were told the design specification we had produced could not be finished by an automated process – fc not only provided a solution but could finish at a speed which allowed us to complete the production run on time – on budget.”

We adhere to the highest standards all within our ‘BRC AA grade’ environment ensuring we achieve the most efficient and highest quality of finishing, together with exacting standards of hygiene and environmental care so if you would like to stick with Team fc: