Four, for all your nesting solutions:

Team fc have now added a fourth Nester creating further capacity and versatility in the type and quantity of nested trays we can finish.

The CE-1000-2 Tray Former Team fc’s latest addition is the very latest tray former available and further strengthens Team fc’s extensive capital equipment portfolio.

Our Heiber + Schröder machines deliver the ideal combination of a perfect nested tray, tray forming and clam shell, with superb productivity. These machines give the opportunity to create a wide range of products; enabling our customers’ to diversify into specialist markets or produce standard products with greater efficiency.

Are you being asked to deliver a new dimension in nested trays?

Plastic or a new fresh cardboard, paper based biodegradable product – which would you choose? Plastic or our 100% biodegradable option.

Just a selection of the exciting new range of cardboard products available and our new CE-1000-2 in action

We now have a suite of four Heiber and Schröder nested tray forming machines equipped to run twin stream, our innovation team have developed modifications that have comprehensively changed the running capability and flexibility of what we can finish to perfectly dovetail with our customers’ requirements. However we are surprised at the speed and demand for change from the plastic option to cardboard, paper based biodegradable products.

This versatility enables us to handle a wide range of sizes and substrates including those made from coated materials which are used for fresh, chilled or wet foods and often designed with an integral lid or window. These materials also offer a more sustainable form of packaging as they are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Primarily nested tray cartons will contain food substances which, thanks to our BRCGS compliant status, you can be assured your nested trays will be run to the highest quality hygiene standards available. The move from Plastic to the paper based biodegradable option continues to gather pace and no wonder with soft fruits staying fresher for up to three days longer in cardboard, paper based products, Scientific research has indicated that paper based trays keep fruit fresher and safer than reusable plastic crates (RPCs) and can significantly reduce contamination from pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms. Cardboard, paper based offers a more biodegradable option and will therefore continue to make a significant contribution in reducing the extensive environmental damage created by plastic trays.

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