Team fc host a Defibrillator

We had been considering hosting a Defib machine for some time, but the logistics of where to locate it was causing some issues – site security gates, 24 hour access and power supply.

So after a few weeks of going back and forth, we were not making progress with the installation as quickly as we would have liked – then one Saturday afternoon back in June whilst watching the Euros – Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch during a game, a defib machine was accessible and we believe it was a major contributory factor in his survival.

So from that day forward we were determined to get a defib machine installed at our site in Castle Donington. We’re pleased to report that it now has pride of place next to our front door, we’ve trained our staff in how to operate the machine if required.

When you witness a fit young footballer collapsing and in need of a relatively simple piece of equipment, but it is the difference between life and death, that costs around £1 a day – it doesn’t need any further consideration other than to ensure you have one close by.

We all hope that we don’t have the necessity to use it but you never know, but at least we have the peace of mind that there’s one at fc for the community to use.