FC Cartons’ 10th year celebration party at Nottingham Racecourse

10-cakeOn 10th May we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a party at Nottingham racecourse!

MD, David Woodyatt began the celebrations by thanking the dedicated staff at FC Cartons for their hard work and success as a team. He also paid special tribute to Liam Cox and Paul Marriott who will both have completed 10 years service in July of this year

Over the past decade FC Cartons has grown to become a leading manufacturer in the packaging industry. Timeline slides charting the past 10 years were positioned around the room for staff to review the growth and achievements of FC Cartons.

David cited the quality and green credentials FC Cartons has achieved, in particular ISO, BRC and Green Footprints awards, as examples of the team’s capabilities and commitment, and added that he is extremely proud of the team and has complete confidence in them, particularly when he visits current and potential customers.

He added that he hoped the next 10 years would involve further success, and outlined his plans for future investment. Finally, he wished everyone a ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Good Luck’ with the horses!

Finance Director, Debra Woodyatt also thanked the team for their surprise gift of two beautiful olive trees, complete with pots and commemorative 10 year plaques. The trees will be placed outside the entrance to the FC Cartons office. She added they would be much appreciated along with the birthday cake (baked by a member of the teams Mum), and the bottle of champagne!

The whole team had a very enjoyable day out, especially the FC Challenge Trophy winner, Jamie Cottee! Staff commented that the day was ‘a good way to get to know your work mates’ and a ‘great day, well organised, and a fitting way to say thanks to all involved in making FC what it is today’.

We’re all looking forward to another successful decade of delivering quality packaging solutions for our customers!