How the Paper and Beverage Carton Industries can contribute to the Circular Economy

A report in Packaging Europe News published on 14th July, highlighted how the European Parliament sent a clear message to the European Commission to address crucial issues in an ambitious circular economy package. These include ending the landfill and incineration of recyclable waste, applying mandatory separate collection schemes and making the bio economy an integral part of the circular economy.


The report added that the European paper and beverage carton industries have called upon the European Commission for a long time to support the industry’s efforts in further improving recycling, but also to extend the scope of the circular economy package from reducing waste to including measures that foster responsible sourcing of raw materials and particularly promote the use of responsibly sourced renewable materials.

Marco Mensink, CEPI Director General said, “The European Parliament has now given a clear mandate for making the bio economy an integral part of the circular economy. Renewability is nature’s way of circularity, clearly recognized by MEPs in their vote.”

Bertil Heerink, ACE Director General added, “A well functioning circular economy will benefit from an increased use of renewable resources. We therefore welcome Thursday’s vote that underlines the importance of shifting from finite to renewable resources. We are looking forward to a constructive dialogue with the European Parliament on all topics related to the circular economy.”

smurfit-kappaIt’s gratifying that our existing recycling strategy supports the circular economy. To this end, we are working in conjunction with our partner, Smurfit Kappa, who handles all our board waste ensuring that it is back in the supply chain in just a few weeks.

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