Welcome Aboard: Tom Booth

We extend a warm welcome to a new addition who recently joined us. We get to know Tom Booth a little bit better.

You may be familiar with Tom Booth our Machine Assistant, who has worked with us over many summer holidays while studying at university. We’re happy to report that Tom recently landed a coaching position with Derby County. Luckily, after coaching he still has some spare time to join us. This isn’t for personal training or fitness sessions of course, but for his experience as a machine assistant! Rumour has it that he’s helping ‘Jose’ as well with Athletica’s pre-season training!

Tom shared his thoughts on his time here and said, “fc cartons and their staff have been great to me over the last few years; supporting me through University and my time in America, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to return and work here whilst I try to progress as a coach.”