Supporting The National Forest

Toni Hibbert, our Core Account Manager went along to the National Forest’s Nanpantan Road site to continue FC Carton’s ongoing support of the Forest’s tree planting scheme. 

“I really enjoyed my afternoon planting our trees in the National Forest, even amongst all the mud and a little snow!  I planted some Oak trees and it felt rewarding to be part of something that will contribute to the environment, the economy and much more.  The National Forest staff were so informative about the impact of this Forest and how its development is positively affecting the region. It was also interesting to learn about the work that the National Forest is doing and of the benefits that their work will bring for generations to come. I feel really proud that FC Cartons have made an active contribution and that our tree planting has helped the National Forest to increase Forest cover from 6% to 20% across the whole 200 square miles of estate”. Toni Hibbert.

The National Forest stretches across 200 square miles of Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire, linking towns, villages and open land, blending new planting and other forest habitats with ancient woodland. Healing devastated land and communities the National Forest is bringing people closer to nature, achieving major ecological benefits and stimulating economic growth.


Key achievements to date

  • 7059 hectares (17,435 acres) of new forest created
  • Over 8.5 million trees planted, 89% broadleaf species and 11% conifer
  • There are 7.8 million visitors annually, generating £373 million into the local economy
  • 516,473 children have enjoyed environmental education sessions
  • 292,000 people have taken part in Forest related events including over 11,000 people planting trees
  • Over 2200 hectares (or 5434 acres) of habitats important for wildlife have been created or brought back into management.
  • 60miles of new hedgerows have been planted and over 150 new wildlife ponds have been created.
  • Over 45 new sport and recreation facilities have been created for fishing, mountain biking, orienteering, horse riding, ski and snowboarding.
  • 102km of new cycleways have been created, including 60km of Sustrans routes and 16km of trails at the Hicks Lodge Cycle Centre.

Key Statistics

  • The National Forest is now home to around 220,000 people and nearly 8,000 businesses. 10 million people live within a 90-minute drive, and 29 million with a 2½ hour drive.
  • The National Forest is increasingly being recognised as an attractive place to live, and the Forest area has seen long-term population growth above regional and national averages over the past 20 years.  By 2030 the population is expected to exceed 250,000.

FC Carton’s Nanpantan Road site is located in Charnwood, between the villages of Charley, Copt Oak and Woodhouse Eaves.  Most recently this land was part of a dairy farm and used for grazing cattle, but originally it was part of the ancient Charnwood hunting forest. Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of craggy hills, valley woodlands and open heaths; we want to return this part of the countryside to forest once again.

The location and landscape of the site has led us to take an unusual approach to tree planting.  The creation of groves and woodland compartments will enable us to create a mosaic of habitats including woodland, parkland, grassland and wildflower meadows that will greatly enhance the site’s value for wildlife.  As the groves and compartments grow, the trees will frame vistas across the surrounding countryside and create interesting pathways that can be enjoyed by visitors to the site.

Look out for our Summer Newsletter, Team FC have lots more exciting Environmental initiatives and facts to share with you.