Transport, Storage and Distribution – managing deadlines!

Gareth & Jamie are our warehouse & distribution team – they are the first and last eyes looking at what comes in and what we are despatching.

They are looking for potential QC issues and contaminates when work arrives on site. They both fully appreciate the procedures we have in place to control potential issues.

Being exposed to the outside world they have to ensure what they are bringing in to our environment is compliant with our standard and if it’s not they need to do something about it…….

When an artic arrived and they opened the curtains at 7.15am, a couple of pallets had gone over they need to know what to do – QP 15 Clause 5.8, 5.9, 5.10 it’s imprinted on their Brains!!

As they have both been part of the team for nearly 8 years now they knew exactly what to do.

Gareth & Jamie are enjoying the benefits of our new facility, all under one roof with more warehousing space to fill and machines to keep fed with our work in progress – they do a great Job for Team FC and they work well together having a good team ethic… also helps that they are both Derby fans!

Facts & figures

August moved 3,033 pallets (In 912 Going out 2,121)

Clocked up 120 miles in August – (imagine sitting on a FLT to Sheffield & back)