Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We cannot see, hear, smell, taste or feel it, so small but so deadly for those it indiscriminately decides to attack with such deadly consequences. It has had and continues to have such a profound effect on all our lives.

23rd March 2020 – After watching the PMs briefing the immense personal concerns we have for family and friends were now focused on our business and every single member of the very special fc Team.

Having received confirmation that we could – should stay open and with a number of our customers’ expressing how imperative our role was in ensuring we could all support the supply of food and pharmaceuticals to all outlets.

Team fc response

First of all we would like to pay tribute to the whole of team fc, who have all worked tirelessly to ensure we have consistently delivered to all our customers’, to ensure we are playing our part to support essential supply chains.

We have continued to work at 100% productivity as a Key Supplier to the food & pharmaceutical supply chain – we were talking to our customers ahead of the lockdown to determine how we should proceed based on the latest government advice available and sharing with them our crisis plan. As the situation developed, we introduced the following: