Team FC are proud to be involved in the 9 Millionth Tree campaign

We were delighted when Leah Graham, National Forest gave us this update on our trees:

“I took advantage of the good weather on Sunday to visit Bawdon Wood and am pleased to share this image of your trees.

Bawdon Wood is now complete with all the planting and protective fencing installed. This site is a former dairy farm which means the soil is very nutrient rich, so the grass and other plant species grow really fast here. Our biggest challenge is keeping on top of this growth so that they don’t out-compete the young trees. In another two years or so this will not be a problem and the trees will be tall and well established enough to fend for themselves. 

Bawdon Wood is located in the Charnwood area of the National Forest, characterised by a patchwork of undulating fields and woodlands with rocky outcrops. To fit with this surrounding landscape Bawdon has been planted in small groves with areas of grassland in between which are now grazed by sheep from a local farm. A walk to the top of the ridge at this new woodland reveals fantastic views of the surrounding landscape”.

“Here at fc tree planting has made a significant contribution to our Carbon Neutral status and we will continue to support this great campaign and will of course continue with our other existing initiatives, whilst always looking for further opportunities both internally and externally to protect and extend our 12 year Carbon Neutral status; we are also aiming to become Climate Positive”.

Debra Woodyatt, Director of Finance & Systems

Team fc have always taken their environmental impact extremely seriously, attaining and retaining a carbon neutral status for twelve years and have ISO 14001 and PEFC (PEFC/16-33-2256) certification. Our innovation team continually strive to enhance our customers’ finishing solutions whilst supporting and developing the use of fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper based products – for Green Innovation: email