High Five!

Team fc celebrates BRCGS 'AA' grade retention!

For a fifth year in a row, fc cartons are celebrating their BRCGS – Packaging & Packaging Materials standard retention ‘AA’ grade level.

It’s an exciting time for Team fc, their 36,000sq ft Production Hub (which has been designed to maximise production efficiency), in a ‘BRCGS AA grade’ environment ensures they achieve the most efficient and highest quality of finishing, together with exacting standards of hygiene and environmental care.

Jade Murray, Quality & Systems Manager, explains,

“This was my first Audit since joining Team fc, so the pressure was really on to retain it for the fifth consecutive year. Preparation started straight away and by using transferable skills from previous experience, I felt I could make a real contribution. The team were most welcoming and helpful, allowing me to gain knowledge about the company and learn about the processes and operations within the business very quickly. It was a great result to achieve another BRC Audit with ‘AA’, I think this highlights the knowledge and skill set Team fc have across all aspects of the business. I am delighted to be part of the company.”

Debra Woodyatt, Director of Finance & Systems, added,

“We have said many times before that we are always looking for continual improvement across all aspects of our business – from process requirements, to warehousing space and now we’ve achieved another BRC Audit with ‘AA’.

We’re so pleased with the outcome of our Audit; obviously with an ‘AA’ grade for the last four years the pressure was on to retain it. It just reinforces the team’s positive work ethic that we all have and every one of our staff understands the importance of external accreditation to our business.”

She continues, “We continually work on all aspects of our business, we believe we have a comprehensive accreditation portfolio – when you add our ISO and PEFC accreditations, we have ISO certification for 9001, 14001 and 45001 with Certification Body Alcumus ISOQAR. We have invested in this rigorous assessment process to demonstrate our commitment to all Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety aspects of our business. When you add our PEFC Chain of Custody certification, you can see the rigorous standards we have set ourselves and we believe this gives our customers’ the confidence in not only the service we deliver but the environment in which we finish their products.”

Managing Director David Woodyatt expands,

“You can imagine how pleased we all were when it was announced that we had achieved ‘AA’ Grade. A massive thank you to everyone with a special mention for our BRCGS compliance team.”

Debra Woodyatt concludes,

“Just one part of this continual improvement is the Quality Management System which provides guidance and a framework for moving forward under the BRCGS banner. We first applied for and attained the BRCGS standard nine years ago. Over this period of time, we have improved our grading to achieve the ‘AA’ grade through great teamwork, clear communication and a desire to offer the best in customer service. With all standards now audited and certification updated I’m pleased to be in a confident position to pass over the reins of our IMS to Jade, who will continue to manage and improve our systems and keep us fully compliant.

With Jade’s knowledge of the food preparation sector and her experience of BRCGS and ISO she will definitely be a great asset to our business.”